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“Daddy what happened?” Five people died!

These were Preston’s last words. As a mother, I had many questions to ask why such an awful tragedy occurred. Why did my greatest fear hit me head-on?  A parent has no greater fear than the loss of a child.  How come I knew with chilling certainty that my only child was going to die, but I did not know exactly how or when? Why did I survive the crash that killed my child? Should I retreat hopelessly into grief and blame? Should I commit suicide because there is no longer a reason to live? Or should I gather the courage to journey through a liberating process of self-examination, personal accountability and forgiveness? 
This is my true story. Years of feeling trapped while my father drove drunk imprinted fear upon my heart. These childhood traumas taught me to build my life on a foundation of fear. I married Biff. The dream of having a child filled our hearts with hope. Following years of infertility and many miscarriages, we were finally blessed with a beautiful son, Preston.

After Preston’s fifth birthday, I began to experience haunting premonitions that he would die. I thought that I could protect him. But three years later, Preston died in a horrible car wreck caused by a drunken driver. Five people were killed; Biff and I barely survived.

Seeking the courage to cope with Preston’s death and my own recovery, I began my quest to find answers. My journey illuminated a path where truth replaced pain. Connected in spirit and led by lessons from Preston’s heart, I learned how to unchain myself from fear.

I discovered that reaching forgiveness requires full healing and self-examination. I explored how the failure to examine ourselves and overcome any negative energy patterns prevents us from moving on. Grief is work; it’s an opportunity to go deep within our soul and ask God for the courage and strength to live another day.

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