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The Key to be LIGHT, LOVE & FREE

Laurie offers her warm heart to embrace yours as you walk through the path of healing. Love offerings only. Please contact the Boggs for Integrative Spiritual Coach for the following:

  • Assisting the Individual to step into their Divine Self.
  • Awakening to the Miracles available as you remain open.
  • Understanding the Gifts the universe is waiting to bestow you.

An hour of Laurie’s time is a gift to the world. Living through the following experiences, Laurie has learned what schools can’t teach – wisdom and understanding.

  • Trusting your Inner Voice
  • Emotional Support
  • Overcoming barriers
  • Infertility Counseling
  • Grief Counseling (including miscarriages)
  • Premonitions vs. Fear
  • Overcoming Addiction
  • Keys to Forgiving
  • After death Communication
  • How to achieve miracles


Laurie is an angel among us. Her courage, strength, wisdom, love, and forgiveness are always visible in the way she lives her life and overcomes even the most challenging obstacles. Laurie freely shares her experiences and wisdom with every willing student. Her influence in my life has been powerful, transformative, and life changing.”
Tamsen Leachman

“ Laurie bares her soul and shares her growth. Instead of being broken, she has risen from the ashes like a phoenix. She is the samurai's sword, each firing rearranging the molecular structure to become stronger, more substantial. Laurie has become a beautiful being. She shares her insight and understanding gained, that none of us may have to go through her horrific trials to obtain her profound truths. Laurie is a woman of substance. She gives... sharing her wisdom, her love, and her light with all whom she touches.”
Sivita Justice

“ Laurie’s life path of “refinement by fire” has given her the intuitive ability to speak from her heart to assist others in cutting through the illusions of life to clearly see what’s really important and true. I find her counsel to be wise, loving and of the highest vibration. She is an undiscovered master….but not for long.”
Alecia Rice

" Laurie is an exceptional gem of a person and teacher.  She has often reminded me of the gifts of spirit.  She is a shining example of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness and faithfulness.  Every interaction with her leaves me in a higher vibration of love and gratitude.  Over the years she has taught me, in word and deed, a great deal about love, personal responsibility and most of all resilience. "
Karen Frazier

“ I met Laurie in our ministry class. Her soft and gentle nature soothed my soul. As I listened to the many excruciatingly painful experiences she had been through. I was inspired that she was still seeking enlightenment. Every time I see her she is full of light and love and not willing to let the darkness pull her truly are a blessing and have helped me grow more than you know. It helps to see someone go through so much pain and know that you can still survive and be happy.”
Casee Hogg

Love Offering:

The law of giving and receiving is part of the Universal law of energy. Giving and receiving are essentially the same. It is important to have Universal balance. Therefore, when you receive something of value, you can balance the equation by giving something back. If you are experiencing a temporary hardship financially, perhaps there is some other way you can give back.

Any financial offering will be used to keep this website operating and help to continue my services to help others. If there is an exceeding amount, it will be donated to the children. It is important to give. I offer 10% of my services as a love offering as a continued blessing of abundance back to the Universe. I look forward to a balanced relationship, please contact us.

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