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Lifting Darkness: Overcome Fear, Suffering and Grief

After waking up from my 18 day coma trying to digest my son’s death, out of nowhere I felt his energy and heard his voice in my head. His first words were “Hi Mom! It’s me Preston. I am with Grandma. We are Light, Love & Free. Mom, that’s the Key.”

Little did I know that Preston was going to be my angel from the other side, teaching me the lessons to become Light, Love & Free. He showed me how to stop the vicious cycle of suffering that I had always lived. I have shared the keys of wisdom, see the gifts that other people have received.

In my book you will understand why tragedy sometimes happens. My story will take you on a profound journey that can answer your questions to your own suffering.

Phone sessions are available to explore why events occur that cause us pain. Each layer of pain holds a gift within your sorrow. Contact me and we’ll find the nuggets that are waiting for you.

Seminar & Workshops: Personalized to specific needs.

Laurie has spoken to a number of different audiences on topics ranging from drunk driving to inspirational messages. These venues include churches, non-profit groups, youth groups, schools and private parties. See what participants are saying. Laurie talks on the following subjects:

  • Near Death Experience
  • After Death Communication
  • Drunk Driving
  • Grief and Losing an Only Child
  • Overcoming Tragedy
  • Law of Attraction

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