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Biff & Laurie Boggs

Biff & Laurie Boggs, Co-Authors
Hitting Fear Head On
18 Stepping Stones to
Transforming Grief 

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My intention is to be the type of educator described by Eckhart Tolle:
“ There are people who suffer now so that they can educate and prevent the suffering of others.” I look forward to showing you how you can free yourself from the power of fear and stop your own suffering.
Laurie brings a seasoned perspective that can only be offered by a survivor. Laurie is an adult child of alcoholics, survivor of a drunk driving crash, legislative reformer, grieving parent, public speaker, interfaith minister, after death communicator, intuitive, inspirational teacher, and an integrative spiritual/energetic coach.

Laurie draws upon all of these credentials to teach how to overcome suffering, to see true light from multiple perspectives as she embraces the heart of souls. She teaches to love and forgive which is the key to Light, Love & Free.

Laurie’s life experiences have given her the wisdom and foresight to see through the illusions that keep us bound in fear and unhappiness. Laurie has pulled herself from the death to the heavens. Losing her only child Preston, was the watershed moment that opened her eyes to the horror of drunk driving.

Sharing this heart-wrenching loss alone would have made Laurie’s story a compelling testimony against drunk drivers, but there’s more; ironically both of her parents were alcoholics. Her father routinely drove drunk with his family in the car. Alcohol produced a climate of fear and shame in Laurie’s family. Crippled by this fear and shame, Laurie herself struggled with alcohol abuse as an adult. It’s how she coped while receiving premonitions for five years that her son was going to be killed.

Laurie died twice in the head-on collision. She even argued with God to give her beloved son back to earth. Laurie was able to experience both the joy of personally delivering Preston into God’s hands and the profound sorrow of having to return to a badly broken body to life without her son. Laurie realized it took more love to let go than to hold on.

Fortunately, Laurie has not had to face her painful journey to physical and emotional wholeness alone. Her near-death experience has given her the gift of continued communication with Preston’s ever-loving spirit. Imbued with Preston’s message of hope.

After the accident Laurie’s brain injury effected her organizational skills, and ability to process information. But she did not let that stop her. Along with her husband Biff they wrote Hitting Fear Head On as a co-creation to their healing. It’s in Laurie’s words, written by Biff as a dedication, to their beloved son Preston. Discover why the hospital staff called Biff, Job. Biff wings, supported Laurie as she healed. Experience, explore and feel how Hitting Fear Head On embraces the heartbreak to find another world most people don’t know exists. Their writing provides expert testimony to the divine power of love.

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