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Recently Lost a Loved One?

"Laurie Boggs has been wounded by the darkness and redeemed by the light. What she has been through, and what she learned, is a message of inspiration and hope for everyone. She turned tragedy into its opposite -- not just for herself, but for anyone who reads her story."
– Marianne Williamson, #1 NY Times Bestselling Author

Need understanding why this happened? Do you feel you’re alone? Is your heart raw with grief, regret? No farewell words were spoken, no time to say good-bye.

Discover how to heal…Hitting Fear Head On is my personal memoir about transcending tragedy and how to find courage in difficult times. In the beginning, I wrote my story to heal from the shattering heartbreak, the car wreck that took the life of my only child Preston, and four other people. It left my husband Biff and me with injuries that brought us close to death, in fact, I died twice. I didn’t want to face reality, that my son was killed after seven long frustrating years of infertility, four surgeries and three devastating miscarriages.  On top of that, I may not walk again, and be so brain damaged that my life would be in the hands of caregivers. The man that hit us was a drunk driver, repeat offender, and uninsured motorist.  With little financial support we walked into this nightmare.  I wanted to die; debilitated with despair, my new life laid upon me.

I had to be creative to keep from dying. Mornings were the worst for me. I‘d wake up and wail in the raw grief, I asked God to take the pain because it was too big for me. I asked God for a continued connection with my son. God showed me the bond is never severed. To listen to my heart, through God; I felt connected to the energy of my invisible eight- year- old energetic little boy. I learned to trust our spirits live forever…they never die.

As I healed, something magically happened; I began to transcend my tragedy into waves of infinite possibilities of priceless gems found through the bond between mother and child. I now have a keen sense of divine intervention, by seeing through fear and dissolving it into the LIGHT of God’s Grace.

From my two near death experiences, something happened to my heart.  I refer to it as Heart Language, a gift from God, we all have it - we just forgot. I would love to help you expand to the Heavens to reach your loved one by learning the language of the Heart.
Re-establish your bond and be empowered by your loss:
  • Are you yearning to connect with your loved one? They are too.
  • Learn to listen to your loved one and release guilt, shame and anger.
  • Find your loved one in the most unlikely places.
  • You’ve only just begun – Discover how death deepens the bond between you and your loved one. 
  • Be surprised how your loved one can influence your life. 
  • Learn how to tell the difference between Premonitions, Intuition & Fear.
  • Have confidence that you can get to the other side of grief and turn it into joy!
The uncertainty of talking to your passed loved one takes courage to walk though the stages of grief. The connection can take you into deep healing. You will find the mystery of God’s Divine plan unfold by being aware of the heavenly adventures. First, understand the importance of transparent and pure energy.  I found after death communicating is an art in discernment.

Avoid manipulation, discern people’s reading, and don’t allow your perceptions and your truth to be altered….LEARN TO STAY IN YOUR POWER:
  • Have you felt confused with mediums and psychics, who have left you clouded?
  • Do you worry that it's impossible to connect with your lost loved one?
  • Are you afraid your need to connect is keeping your loved one from moving on?
  • Have you ever thought your loved one is too busy for you, but have a nagging feeling there's still something left to say?
  • Do you fear the death or the death of a loved one?
  • Do you think your loved one is in limbo?
If you have said yes to any of these questions, I highly suggest you sign up for a free chapter from my book Hitting Fear Head On. My son, Preston, still sends me messages every Christmas. I've compiled these powerful words into a chapter from my book titled, White Whispers.  Also included is. A step by step Guide: “Be Empowered and Communicate with your Beloved from Heaven” Please download your complimentary copy by entering your name and email in the box in the upper right corner of this page.

I created this site in the memory of our son Preston, which lead to writing Hitting Fear Head On. Our true story will transcend tragedy, help understand the grieving process, and after death communication. You will have a keen sense of divine intervention, by seeing through fear and dissolving it into the LIGHT of God’s Grace.

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