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BIG Questions:

Do you wonder why tragedy strikes? My book, Hitting Fear Head On!, will take you on an extraordinary journey to find the answers. Within my book are the keys to be Light as a Feather, Joyful with Love and give you Freedom to Fly. You will learn God’s plan to bridge heaven and earth together by healing our hearts one at a time.
My hope is to take you past the grief to the other side by discovering a deeper meaning of joy. Joy creates an opening to the universal wisdom filled with unexpected treasures. Within the richness of the jewels deeply hidden in our hearts we can find many pearls in our tragedies.  

What does fear do to us?

How does one overcome a death of a child or any death?

Why do children die?

What does it mean to be accountable to ourselves and others?

What does forgiveness have to do with personal accountability?

What is the difference between a premonition and fear?

Why it is important to be spiritually awakened?
What is the true meaning of joy?

What is emotional detachment and why is it important in your own life?

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