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Message from Heaven

For three years before Preston passed, I had premonitions that he was going to die.  I tried to shut them out of mind, but it made it worse.  The resistance showed up in my body because of the repressions of the energy built up inside of me, making me very sick. I did not understand at the time what was happening, however, as I look back and observe, now with greater understanding, it is exactly what made my body physically ill.

Because of practicing Vipassana Meditation, I have been gifted to see the illusion outside of myself.  It feels like I am observing instead of being held hostage by the energy. I recently had an experience that I would like to share with you. It allowed me to detach from the energy, resulting in a healthier way to manage it, rather than spinning in it, like I used to.

Sometime after losing Preston, I sought out Psychologist, Dr. John Sisson for his counsel; he was amazing and we had a lot in common. I loved the fact that he also studied A Course In Miracles.  I was so inspired that I wanted to share his wisdom, so I quoted him in my book.  After reading the revised version from the editor, she suggested I get his permission.  He had moved from Wyoming and I did not know to where.  I asked my intuition where he moved; a silent voice told me Montana.

That evening, I felt like someone had hit me in the chest with a hard ball, or I was having a heart attack.  I observed and did not attach to the pain.  I watched to see if the pain would change, but it did not. The next day, I researched and found Dr. Sisson office on the web; he had moved to Montana. I left a message asking for them to return my call, as it was about my book.  I went for a walk, still feeling high anxiety; my heart was beating fast, and I still had the pain. It was the same feeling I felt before Preston died.  I told my husband, Biff, that I felt someone was dying of a heart attack. The feeling of a death was showing up in my body; I trembled inside.

Biff talked me through it, “Stay detached Laurie.”   He saw my energy change from a peaceful person to a high intensity body. Feeling crazy, I breathed deeply and asked for guidance.  My body stopped shaking and I felt calm.

The next morning, I received a telephone call from Dr. Sisson’s office. To my surprise, it was his wife. Tears of raw grief came from her cracking voice.

She said, “Dr. Sisson died of a heart attack in October.” Oh, I thought, it was Dr. Sisson I had been feeling for the last few days.

Dr. Sisson communicated with me, and I relayed his message to his wife. I told her he had been writing a book; it was half finished. He could not finish the book until he had passed. The book will write itself, however, his wife will be the author of the other half of the book. She softened and cried with relief that her husband was alive. Later, in the evening, I was still feeling the heart pain; I asked Dr. Sisson if he would please leave me now that his message was delivered. He responded quickly and the pain disappeared.

What a gift to be open, detached, love without boundaries, eternal and free to be a messenger of the light!  I love my job!

Love Laurie and Preston from Heaven

©copyright 2008

First Edition 11/2008
Second Edition 11/2013

Posted by LaurieBoggs at December 6, 2013 9:26 pm | Comments Off on Message from Heaven
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