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Crucifixion or Resurrection

The last few weeks have been a time of deep contemplation. Watching different Facebook posts and seeing different views and perspectives has been like making a batch of cookies…1/2 cup of joy, 2 cups of grace, and 3 tablespoons of truth; mix well and add love as needed. Bake until the golden light radiates with pearls of wisdom – sustain and allow the world to be just as it is.

We have all heard about illusions and the new age movement. That New Age is ‘nonsense theory’ is based on Pollyanna syndrome – think positive, do a poster board, add positive affirmations and your life will be the American Dream. 

If we are not clear in our unconscious thoughts, it will sabotage our intention. That is the part left out of the New Age propaganda. Looking on the outside to get our desires met and fail to look on the inside, to clear and change habitual mind patterns, therefore projecting judgment on others and blame them for our problems.

What most don’t understand is that, it’s our unconscious thoughts and emotions that drive us; that is why we are an addicted society. It is not just to alcohol, drugs, and sex, but to food, sports, TV, texting, videos, thoughts, self-punishment, reactive behavior, drama…and the list continues. The biggest addiction of all is judgment – judgment of self and judgment of others. 

 I often think of Jesus Christ on the cross with nails in his wrists and ankles hanging high for everyone to see. I wonder how he managed to be sustained in his energy/emotional field without judgment, yet be in total love and forgiveness. Remember His famous words, “Forgive them Father, for they do not know.”  How could he not feel betrayed?  Why did he not scream and shout, ‘You’re all insane!’

 Because He knew…He stayed out of the way, by not plugging into judgment, thereby allowing God to intervene. When we don’t plug into that energy field (and charge it with more negative energy), it loses the charge and gives God and the Universe, a heads up. We step out of grandiosity, we’re not judging and are allowing the Grace of God to take care of His children, we are no longer givingup our freewill to judge. No longer judge and jury toward ourselves and others.

Our judgment is a cry for help, born out of fear or pain; it causes separation within ourselves as well as with those around us, which blocks the heart from opening that allows God to intervene on our behalf.

Because Jesus was so sustained and did not judge, God was able to intervene so we could learn about judgment. We have spent lifetimes in judgment — which only perpetuates the problem by adding more energy to that unseen energetic field. How big does that energetic field need to get before we blow each other up? This could be a ‘true nuclear catastrophe’.

Jesus knew He did not want to participate in that energy and add fuel to the fire.  However, He allowed nature to take its course and let us learn lessons of judging by experiencing the pain and suffering that kind of energy carries.

When we allow and accept each other as we are, without judging, and go to compassion, change occurs; this is unconditional love. Even if we are a different color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, whatever our conditioning, we are judging as right or wrong. This is what causes war and divides/conquers the human species.

When we don’t judge, we resurrect — we ascend toward Heaven, climbing another step of Jacob’s ladder; so one day we will resurrect our own souls and be as free as Jesus showed us to be. His entire life was such an example to live by.

The difference between judgment and observation: Judgment has a high emotional wattage charge from past experiences or conditioning. While observations have no emotional charge, calling a fact a fact, yet being neutral with the emotions and energy. For example: My son was killed by a drunk driver; that is an observation.  While a judgment might be: All drunk drivers can go to hell! There is an emotional charge in judgment. When we release our emotional pain of judgment, then it no longer has a strong hold on us. 

‘Becoming Mindful and Aware’ is a life changing workshop. David R. Hawkins M.D., Ph.D., the author of Power vs. Force explains that one of the best ways to learn is through other people’s tragedies, so we don’t have to live through them. When we experience a story of tragedy, we can find deep compassion in our heart and have a greater understanding of the mind, and how it takes over the heart when it is in fear and drives. Similar to our personal tragedy, we survived a head on collision and lost our only child. Our book, Hitting Fear Head On, will take you to your knees creating an understanding for a new depth of love and forgiveness.  

Another great tool is Non-Violent Communication, by Marshall Rosenberg. His book teaches a skill set that will unplug emotions and prevents short circuiting our thinking and throws us back into judgment.

Meditation and prayer both deepen the Spirit, which allow the mind to be peaceful. It takes discipline and time to feel the sustainability with the energy of the Holy Spirit and the Grace of God. This Easter weekend, we can judge and be crucified with the enslavement of sin, or we can unplug from the judgmental energy field and resurrect ourselves into the conscious Heart, Mind, and Soul of Jesus Christ and treat ourselves to golden baked cookies.

Happy Easter!

Love Biff, Laurie and Preston from Heaven

Posted by LaurieBoggs at April 18, 2014 3:38 am | Comments Off on Crucifixion or Resurrection
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Flying with the Geese Part 2

The geese are God’s creation offering humans examples of working together towards the goal of reaching a shared destination, and at the same time allowing each goose the option of the experience to lead as well as to follow. Their nature teaches us that we can all fly together in a paradigm, working in unison to achieve a common goal, bridging heaven and earth.

I understand your analogy and honor what you’re saying about the odd bird.  This is symbolic of the “rebel or warrior” energy not following the sheep and breaking away from the old paradigm. The geese have already achieved breaking through the old paradigm mind and now they’re flying together, allowing each individual to be a leader, expressing their own individuality and experiencing leadership. They love each other as much as they love themselves, therefore wanting the very best for each other. We each desire recognition for our own individual achievements. 

Their variations collectively are the energy field of ONENESS. Flying this path of grace is important to stay at the highest vibration…this is where we can manifest our own individual dreams.  It is important to know that we do not have to do it alone; we can fly together with the unity of spirit accomplishing much more with less effort, while also allowing space to honor our individual callings.

Jesus Christ taught us that we must depend on each other in order to increase our strength. By going it alone, we must carry a load we were never intended to carry. If an adverse situation arises, the whole supports the energy to find the nugget of growth and grace within the adversity, and then raises it up to an even a higher vibration.  I don’t believe that God created us to go alone. We are to be connected with love and fly together.

However, I do honor the dance we dance sometimes as humans, when we are triggered and it causes anxiety and chaos. Processing the negative energy and transforming any dark energy to light can absolutely bring a better application to the group and bring it closer to God.

I appreciate your feedback.  I hope this gave you clarity.  It is symbolic as to what I believe Heaven feels like.  I hope I have answered your question. 

Much Love Laurie and Preston from Heaven

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Revised 11/2013

Posted by LaurieBoggs at December 10, 2013 5:03 am | Comments Off on Flying with the Geese Part 2
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