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Moon Mother

How many people embrace their inner-child?  Embracing the child within who yearns for love, laughter, and joy, means helping the child be free of shame, guilt, and blame.

After losing my only child, Preston, to the hands of a drunk driver, I went from the highest peak of emotions, from joy, love, and laughter to the lowest valleys of shame, guilt, and blame. It was the lowest point in my life.  I realized it was going to take an enormous amount of self-love to come out alive and not end my life. I found that God cares for us more deeply than I had ever known.  The deepest sorrow has been lifted away by God’s warm embrace. God showed me that He/She loves us as much or more than we love our own children.  God’s love is unconditional.  I was the one putting conditions on God’s love for me.

After Preston passed, I lost my identity.  I was no longer the mother that my heart yearned to be.  My inner child was broken with despair. My son speaks to me and helps heal the patterns that have been layered with fear. Our heritage is alcoholism. These patterns have been rooted in both sides of the family for many generations.  I added to the layers by continuing with my own drinking problem. It took Preston’s death to wake me up to the insanity.  I noticed that attempting to numb the fears, the guilt and the blame were making me sicker.  It has been 14 years now since Preston passed, and fourteen years since my last drink.

One special weekend I could not sleep. My son, with his persistent little energy, whispers to my heart and says, “Mommy, go outside.”

The view of the ocean was breathtaking and the wind refreshed my tired body. I loved the light of the moon in the sky, with her radiance shining upon the bay, glistening with peace and love.  “Mommy, take her back,” I heard from Preston.  Take what back Preston?

“Your name Mommy, your name…Laurie Moon. Your inner-child is no longer broken. She is whole and complete.  You’ve become the mother who embraces and loves all the children.”

That night, I took back my maiden name, Moon.  According to the tale found on “Back To The Basics Bubba Series” Luna – Queen of the Heavens states “The Moon is now always accompanied by her brilliant children [the stars] of the night.” We are all accompanied by our inner-child; we just have to remember how brilliant we are. Preston’s nickname is “Bubba”

Love Biff, Laurie and Preston from Heaven
©copyright 2007
First Edition 2007
Revised 11/2014

Posted by LaurieBoggs at December 10, 2013 5:15 am | Comments Off on Moon Mother
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