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Humility is God’s Best Teacher

Our hot spring adventures are never boring. One Easter Sunday, driving up the steep mountain, anxiety arises as Biff turns a corner too fast. Taking a deep breath, holding tight to the passenger door, “Biff, please slow down!”  I pleaded.  A sigh of relief follows the completion of the “S” turn.

Mesmerized by the budding trees, it is as if I am in a trance as the silent stillness of winter wakes up from the peaceful solitude. Enchantment and new beginnings await our soak.  The sun’s reflection reaches past the windshield and side window, nourishing our souls with its warm embrace.  It’s a gift of continued connections with Preston and Mother Nature. 

I am disappointed that Biff is only wearing shorts and sandals.  “Don’t you think you need hiking shoes?”  I asked him. “We may need to hike in, if there is snow at the entrance.” 

“No,” he replied. “There won’t be snow; it’s been a mild winter.”

 I wondered aloud if he brought a map. He told me he did not, and he did not appreciate me asking. So I nodded my head and surrendered the outcome.  

Three hours later, we drive into the entrance to the hot spring. Biff questions the road.  Tight lipped, I did not say a word.  Then about a mile in, snow covers the dirt road.  Surprised, Biff continues to drive until we sink in the thick slushy roadway. We are stuck!  No cell phone service to call a tow truck; the only ones I can call on are God and Preston. Biff pondered what to do and continued to engage the gas pedal as the only solution. Without reacting, I hiked up to the highway for help.

“Okay, God and Preston, I know you can see us.” Please provide help. In less than thirty seconds, a young couple drives up; I explained our situation. By then, Biff is behind me and asks the young man for a shovel. Biff starts digging the snow out from under our tires. He then tries to move our Pathfinder from the deep crevasse of the snow, only to make it worse. The young man pushes, while Biff tries to force the vehicle out of the gorge.

An hour later, I walked back up to the highway in search of more help.  An elderly couple pulled over and asked where we were headed? “Molly Hot Springs,” I told him. The wise old man said, “Well this is the wrong road.”  I laughed, as I could see the humor in the lessons.

Moments later, we looked up the road and saw our Pathfinder, with the young couple following behind Biff; we thanked them. The older couple stayed, speculated, and explained to Biff where Molly Hot Springs is located.  

On the road again, passing the Molly Hot Spring entrance, Biff’s feet were like ice cubes. He thanked me for not reacting to the situation.  Biff’s humbleness created an expansive space. Words of encouragement spoke through my heart. “The wisdom of the Mountain is our teacher. God teaches respect for Mother Nature, by being prepared, with a map, a shovel, and appropriate attire for the unexpected circumstances. Just like life, we need to be grounded, sustained, and centered.”

Biff humbly acknowledged his arrogant behavior and thanked the Mountain for the many lessons learned; he appreciated the gift of humility. We did not make our destination to the hot springs, but we grew through our voyage of exploration. 

Preston’s spirit laughed at us and said, “Mom and Dad, you didn’t get what you wanted, but you got a whole lot more!”

Love Laurie and Preston from Heaven

©copyright 2007

First Edition 4/2007
Revised Edition 11/2013

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