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Flying with Geese Part 1

Have you every wondered why geese fly in the shape a V? Recent research indicates several reasons. Conservation of energy is a common foundation for this phenomenon. The V-shape may also give a better view, providing each goose a bigger picture.

Especially interesting for spiritual awakening is the conservation of energy. Each bird flies slightly above and to the side of the bird in front of it, creating suction overcoming resistance. Each bird leads for a while then scoots out of the way, knowing intuitively to soar to the rear, as another leads. This masterpiece of energy in nature supports collective connection, utilizing individual energy to fulfill group goals. They honk encouragement while in flight. What a metaphor to live by, everybody wins.

Soaring in this realm of higher consciousness, they have the freedom to explore a new paradigm. It is grace to have friends who mirror beliefs, share trust, and want the freedom to fly, for each other.

The old paradigm, competitiveness, fear, judgment, and gossip, are lower vibrations, frequencies that cause chaos and anxiety. Ego encapsulates the body with heavy negative energy. It is an emotional roller coaster, an obsessive manipulative chattering monkey dictating the fearful future. The limited mind can only see one master, leader, or winner at a time.

As I walked the path, writing my book, I saw the dance of a limited mind contrary to the graceful expansion of the universe. Healing comes from inner wisdom and the keys of self-love. God blesses me, like a child, with guardian angels as my wings, lifting myself further than I imagined with love and nourishment.

The encouragement of family and friends, empowers me to move the book along and the strength of their wings, keeps me in flight. Thank you for flying with us.

Love Laurie and Preston from Heaven:)

©copyright 2007

First Edition: 5/2007 Revised: 11/2013


Submitted by Nahu Lanham on May 16, 2007 – 3:03pm.

First and foremost, I would like to warmly thank you for a great analogy on collective conservation of energy! Good work! A question, however, that came to mind was:

My curiosity was aroused because it did not seem apparent to me how your equation applies to the disruptive effect of the individual bird that decides to fly in “a new way” or challenges the status quo? This is the ‘odd bird’ or variation in behavior that breaks away from the flock, thereby, “causing chaos and anxiety?” Certainly, variation produces anxiety, but is it a negative quality if it leads to a better application of energy? What about this variation in the energy pattern? How does it collectively figure into your theory? And if not, why?

Thanks for your input!
Nahu Lanham

Posted by LaurieBoggs at December 10, 2013 4:57 am | Comments Off on Flying with Geese Part 1
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