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Co-mingling with Energy

The meaning of Solstice: Solstice” is derived from two Latin words: “Sol” meaning sun, and “sistere,” to cause to stand still. This is because, as the solstice approaches, the noonday sun rises higher and higher in the sky on each successive day. On the day of the solstice, it has risen an imperceptible amount compared to the day before. In this sense, it “stands still.”

With this beautiful definition, it is worth asking ourselves how we commingle our energy.  How do we find that still place within us to find the answers that will be our guide? How do we bring reactions, behaviors, and control issues to the front lines? By observing the changes we need to make, and being aware of how we treat each other?

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

  1. How do I share and express my opinions?
  2. Am I attached to them?  If so, what is my energy doing to those around me?  Or  how is my energy affecting me?
  3. What are my attachments? ie: fear, safety, security.
  4. Does my energy cause expansion or does it cause contraction?
  5. What am I projecting on others?
  6. Can I be accountable for the projections?
  7. How do our thoughts and words affect our vibration and those around us?
  8. Give an example of when you gave your power away?  What did it feel like?
  9. Give an example of when you stayed in your power…what did it feel like?
  10. Be aware that every time you judge, you give your power away.

 A quote from Jane Sorbi,White Eagle Lodge

 “We can now begin to see the great beauty of our spiritual path and the tools we have been given to use.  Always, there are the two parameters through which we must choose to find balance; the positive and negative, the light and the darkness, always the duality, the two providing the necessary stimulating force.  Through the balancing of these, comes the discovery of the One.  A beautiful paradox!”

 With light on the horizon…duality is a game to play if you wish, or you can go directly to the Light and be so Bright, darkness cannot penetrate the field, allowing Light, Love & Freedom to be your new destination.

 Be creative; what vibration do you wish to create in the coming Solstice of this New Year?

Much Love Laurie and Preston from Heaven

©copyright 2008
First Edition12/2008
Revised Edition 11/2014

Posted by LaurieBoggs at December 11, 2013 4:16 am | Comments Off on Co-mingling with Energy
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