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Mastering Joy

Joy is a treasure to the heart. It is what opens us to a universal wisdom and takes a treasure hunt to explore. Upon exploration there are many perils to be found. Living with alcoholic parents, joy was not an emotion in my household. In fact, I really do not think I knew what joy was until I gave birth to my son, Preston. He was a treasure that was finally born after seven years of infertility, four surgeries, and three miscarriages. I persevered through these hardships, my passion for having this little boy never diminished. It gave me comfort when I dreamt about him as a child, wanting to escape from my own childhood trauma.

I know now why I had this dream of my precious child, Preston. It was because he would be the one to introduce me to the true meaning of joy. I thought I had experienced joy in the past, but the truth is, it was only moments of happiness. Happiness is an emotion that has a condition attached to it, whereas, joy penetrates the heart. It is a feeling of pure connection, with an insight that opens the spirit and dances with an understanding of a deeper meaning to life. Motherhood brought me to the miracles in my life. Miracles are connections to joy. Naïve at twenty-eight, I knew that Preston was a gift, especially after the infertility issues; I had no idea that this gift was wrapped with unconditional love and joy to the extent that I lived it. Being a mom was full of surprises from early morning until bedtime. I was caught off guard in some aspects of parenting. The aspect I cherished everyday was the joy that Preston radiated in my soul. Every morning, kissing his little checks before he would awaken to start the day, was a gift that I looked forward to daily, along with our numerous group hugs with my husband. We would close the day by tucking our little bundle of joy in bed at night with bedtime stories. Relishing in this cycle of life for eight years was better than anything I had ever imagined. Those bonds of joy built a foundation that has connected us forever.

Preston was killed by a drunk driver; five people, including three precious children, died that fateful day. My husband and I barely survived. The irony of all this is that I understood the sheer terror those children experienced, because my father drove drunk with us in the vehicle when I was a child.

“How will I go on? How will I live in this life without Preston?” I would ask God over and over, “Will I ever find joy and love again?” What I found was that once you are a mother, you are always a mother. My refrigerator is a masterpiece of pictures from children that have crossed my path. Because of the connection I share with Preston, I feel I have an inner, deeper connection that most people do not understand. Preston’s life has taught me that he lives within all the children of this world. His wisdom has shown me on a deeper level that joy is in anything we touch on a soul level.

A homeless man I once had a conversation with, had the same sort of eyes as my son.

With this connection I asked the man, “How do you find joy in your life with no security and no home?”

His reply was “I am like you. After so many losses we find the perils in the heart in all things…if our children were raised with the golden thread of love, there would be no homelessness or drunken driving deaths. Our children bring to us wisdom, they are closer to heaven then we are. We need to honor them, meet their needs, and give them a safe place to grow.”

My heart is always full with the memories of joy that dance within me. Preston’s depth of love has shown me joy in everything. His physical body may not be here, but I know his joyful soul lives forever in my heart. Motherhood is a priceless gift that should not be taken for granted.

Love Laurie and Preston from Heaven
©copyright 2006

First Edition 11/2006
Revised Edition 11/2013

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Moon Mother

How many people embrace their inner-child?  Embracing the child within who yearns for love, laughter, and joy, means helping the child be free of shame, guilt, and blame.

After losing my only child, Preston, to the hands of a drunk driver, I went from the highest peak of emotions, from joy, love, and laughter to the lowest valleys of shame, guilt, and blame. It was the lowest point in my life.  I realized it was going to take an enormous amount of self-love to come out alive and not end my life. I found that God cares for us more deeply than I had ever known.  The deepest sorrow has been lifted away by God’s warm embrace. God showed me that He/She loves us as much or more than we love our own children.  God’s love is unconditional.  I was the one putting conditions on God’s love for me.

After Preston passed, I lost my identity.  I was no longer the mother that my heart yearned to be.  My inner child was broken with despair. My son speaks to me and helps heal the patterns that have been layered with fear. Our heritage is alcoholism. These patterns have been rooted in both sides of the family for many generations.  I added to the layers by continuing with my own drinking problem. It took Preston’s death to wake me up to the insanity.  I noticed that attempting to numb the fears, the guilt and the blame were making me sicker.  It has been 14 years now since Preston passed, and fourteen years since my last drink.

One special weekend I could not sleep. My son, with his persistent little energy, whispers to my heart and says, “Mommy, go outside.”

The view of the ocean was breathtaking and the wind refreshed my tired body. I loved the light of the moon in the sky, with her radiance shining upon the bay, glistening with peace and love.  “Mommy, take her back,” I heard from Preston.  Take what back Preston?

“Your name Mommy, your name…Laurie Moon. Your inner-child is no longer broken. She is whole and complete.  You’ve become the mother who embraces and loves all the children.”

That night, I took back my maiden name, Moon.  According to the tale found on “Back To The Basics Bubba Series” Luna – Queen of the Heavens states “The Moon is now always accompanied by her brilliant children [the stars] of the night.” We are all accompanied by our inner-child; we just have to remember how brilliant we are. Preston’s nickname is “Bubba”

Love Biff, Laurie and Preston from Heaven
©copyright 2007
First Edition 2007
Revised 11/2014

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Need vs Needy – Shift from Emotional Slavery to Liberation

What is the difference between need and needy? Having a need is an expansive interdependent relationship working toward a common goal. All parties involved empower each other to move forward. Trust is built and the foundation is strong.

Needy is manipulative and the energy is indirect. Needy people fear rejection from other people; they have no boundaries and feel the need to be in control because they lack trust.

Humans have universal needs; we all need love, connection, food, and rest. We become needy when our requests become single minded. We think, feel, and act, as if our needs can only be met by one person. This may turn into a demand, because fearful thinking provides no other choice, except the one we box ourselves into.

Being needy stops our flow and creates energy blocks, preventing us from creating our dreams. We have shut down the energy force to Source by being in the way. When we insist on it being OUR way, and in the way we envision, the Universe cannot intervene because we are blocking the flow by being in the way. We lose focus on the present moment, and begin to function out of lack and desperation.

Walking the fine line between need and needy can be a challenge, especially when we are triggered. In order to meet these challenges, people are using the book, Nonviolent Communication by Marshal B. Rosenberg, Ph.D. and forming groups to practice NVC. Groups use tools like observing, feeling, need, and request. Behind every request there is a feeling and need; sometimes those feelings and needs are unconscious. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to be in a group of like-minded people that role-play difficult real-life situations using Dr. Rosenberg’s method. Watching the group role-play has been transformational. A deep healing takes place, not just for the person with the challenge, but also for the entire group. This book is a must for those in need of a healing. It helps provide steps to communicate with authenticity, openness, and empathy to another’s needs, as well as our own.

According to NVC, judgments, criticism, diagnoses, and interpretations of others are all alienated expressions of our own needs and values. In the course of developing emotional responsibility, we usually experience it in three stages:

1) Emotional slavery – believing ourselves responsible for the feelings of others.

2) The obnoxious state – in which we refuse to admit to caring what anyone else feels or needs.

3) Emotional liberation – in which we accept full responsibility for our own feelings, but not the feelings of others, while being aware that we can never meet our own needs at the expense of others.

While role playing, a friend was triggered by a comment, “Controlling with money.”

I asked her, Who controlled you with money and how did that feel?”

She replied, “When I was a child my stepmother would pay my allowance to my stepbrothers and sister. While they went to the movie, I’d stay home and do their chores. I took it personally. Now, I realize my stepmother was mad at my dad, but took it out on me.”

“How did that feel,” I asked?

“I felt hurt, abandoned, and sad.”

I asked her what her needs were.

“To be accepted and loved.”

Her tears turned into clarity as she saw through her unconscious feelings and needs that caused the trigger. She became responsible for her own feelings, which shifted the energy from emotional slavery to emotional liberation.

Using our voice and honoring ourselves to awaken the heart deepens us with respect, compassion, and understanding, creating intimacy on a whole new level. Not only with ourselves, but with everyone we have relationships with. The opportunities are endless when we have the tools to navigate our emotions by seeing and feeling them, so they no longer run our unconscious.  

Love Laurie and Preston from Heaven
©copyright 2009
First Edition 2/2009
Second Edition 11/2013

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Flying with the Geese Part 2

The geese are God’s creation offering humans examples of working together towards the goal of reaching a shared destination, and at the same time allowing each goose the option of the experience to lead as well as to follow. Their nature teaches us that we can all fly together in a paradigm, working in unison to achieve a common goal, bridging heaven and earth.

I understand your analogy and honor what you’re saying about the odd bird.  This is symbolic of the “rebel or warrior” energy not following the sheep and breaking away from the old paradigm. The geese have already achieved breaking through the old paradigm mind and now they’re flying together, allowing each individual to be a leader, expressing their own individuality and experiencing leadership. They love each other as much as they love themselves, therefore wanting the very best for each other. We each desire recognition for our own individual achievements. 

Their variations collectively are the energy field of ONENESS. Flying this path of grace is important to stay at the highest vibration…this is where we can manifest our own individual dreams.  It is important to know that we do not have to do it alone; we can fly together with the unity of spirit accomplishing much more with less effort, while also allowing space to honor our individual callings.

Jesus Christ taught us that we must depend on each other in order to increase our strength. By going it alone, we must carry a load we were never intended to carry. If an adverse situation arises, the whole supports the energy to find the nugget of growth and grace within the adversity, and then raises it up to an even a higher vibration.  I don’t believe that God created us to go alone. We are to be connected with love and fly together.

However, I do honor the dance we dance sometimes as humans, when we are triggered and it causes anxiety and chaos. Processing the negative energy and transforming any dark energy to light can absolutely bring a better application to the group and bring it closer to God.

I appreciate your feedback.  I hope this gave you clarity.  It is symbolic as to what I believe Heaven feels like.  I hope I have answered your question. 

Much Love Laurie and Preston from Heaven

©copyright 2007
First Edition 5-2007
Revised 11/2013

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Flying with Geese Part 1

Have you every wondered why geese fly in the shape a V? Recent research indicates several reasons. Conservation of energy is a common foundation for this phenomenon. The V-shape may also give a better view, providing each goose a bigger picture.

Especially interesting for spiritual awakening is the conservation of energy. Each bird flies slightly above and to the side of the bird in front of it, creating suction overcoming resistance. Each bird leads for a while then scoots out of the way, knowing intuitively to soar to the rear, as another leads. This masterpiece of energy in nature supports collective connection, utilizing individual energy to fulfill group goals. They honk encouragement while in flight. What a metaphor to live by, everybody wins.

Soaring in this realm of higher consciousness, they have the freedom to explore a new paradigm. It is grace to have friends who mirror beliefs, share trust, and want the freedom to fly, for each other.

The old paradigm, competitiveness, fear, judgment, and gossip, are lower vibrations, frequencies that cause chaos and anxiety. Ego encapsulates the body with heavy negative energy. It is an emotional roller coaster, an obsessive manipulative chattering monkey dictating the fearful future. The limited mind can only see one master, leader, or winner at a time.

As I walked the path, writing my book, I saw the dance of a limited mind contrary to the graceful expansion of the universe. Healing comes from inner wisdom and the keys of self-love. God blesses me, like a child, with guardian angels as my wings, lifting myself further than I imagined with love and nourishment.

The encouragement of family and friends, empowers me to move the book along and the strength of their wings, keeps me in flight. Thank you for flying with us.

Love Laurie and Preston from Heaven:)

©copyright 2007

First Edition: 5/2007 Revised: 11/2013


Submitted by Nahu Lanham on May 16, 2007 – 3:03pm.

First and foremost, I would like to warmly thank you for a great analogy on collective conservation of energy! Good work! A question, however, that came to mind was:

My curiosity was aroused because it did not seem apparent to me how your equation applies to the disruptive effect of the individual bird that decides to fly in “a new way” or challenges the status quo? This is the ‘odd bird’ or variation in behavior that breaks away from the flock, thereby, “causing chaos and anxiety?” Certainly, variation produces anxiety, but is it a negative quality if it leads to a better application of energy? What about this variation in the energy pattern? How does it collectively figure into your theory? And if not, why?

Thanks for your input!
Nahu Lanham

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Chemical Imbalance Vs Breathing Imbalance

Is there a possibility we have a breath imbalance? Is this what Western Medicine labels as a chemical imbalance? Doctors have begged me and even been insistent that I take anti-depressants to help me cope with my grief over losing my son, Preston; I refused.

Thank God for after death communication. One time Preston told me to get off of Viox, an anti-inflammatory drug prescribed to me for my legs.

He said, “Mom, it will give you a heart-attack and the drug can kill you because your liver cannot take it anymore.”

Two years later, the drug company was sued for consumers having had heart attacks. I tried anti-depressants years ago before the crash, but there was no change in my depression or fibromylgia symptoms.

I learned from my Osteopathic doctor, that neurotransmitters are natural chemicals found in the nervous system. According to NeuroResearch, neurotransmitters facilitate and regulate the transfer of electrical energy between nerve cells. They have demonstrated that prescription drugs, mainly anti-depressants, can deplete neurotransmitters, which can make problems worse.

Living with multiple chemical sensitivities has been an ordeal. While participating in The Art of Living advanced Part 2 Course, I sat by a lady that had washed her clothes in Downy. This smell would not bother most people, but because of my reaction to chemical sensitivities I felt trapped. My lungs tightened; it felt like ten bricks had been laid on my chest; I couldn’t breathe. It prevented me from being able to practice the meditation technique being taught.

In miserable silence, I became frustrated and my anger rose. How come I can’t go anywhere without being attacked by scents? At that point our teacher, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, asked if anyone was having problems with meditation. He introduced a technique called, Nadi Shodhan,and explained that we have 186,000 Nadis or energy points in the body, which carry life force or Qi energy.

Nadi Shodhan consists of alternate nostril breathing. Each nostril is more active at different times throughout the day. A normal pattern is ninety minutes per nostril. If the pattern is interrupted with physical or mental issues, the rhythm becomes imbalanced. The left nostril represents mental energy and mind. The right nostril represents physical energy and the body. Too much right nostril breathing, therefore, may cause a person to want to eat all day.

I noticed changes in my lungs right away. The feeling of the bricks on my chest started to dissolve. My panic attack softened as I breathed from one nostril to the other. The smell that previously assaulted me had now become a bearable scent. At that point I had an epiphany. Do I have a breathing imbalance or a chemical imbalance?

Alternate breathing has many benefits: It supplies us with oxygen and removes carbon dioxide from our bodies; breathing becomes more efficient; it helps with stress management, anxiety, and depression; the blood is purified of toxins.

God’s Gift! Our breath is freedom!

Love Laurie and Preston from Heaven

© Copyright 2007

First Edition 7/2007
Revised 11/2013

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Full Circle

 As a result the car crash that took the life of my son a few years back, I have feared night driving ever since. I decided to regain my independence, and stretch my comfort zone by going for a drive.  Feeling confident and taking deep breaths, I glanced into my rear view mirror, surprised by the flashing lights; why is the policeman pulling me over? I wasn’t speeding, if anything I was extra cautious. “God, what are you trying to tell me now?” 

Nervously, I found my license, ready to give it to the Police Officer. He said, “Ms. Boggs, have you been drinking tonight? I noticed your MADD sticker and that your son was killed by a drunk driver. But you were driving erratically and hugging the left side of the road, a sure sign of a drunk driver. I had to pull you over.”                                                                            

Taken aback by his words, post-traumatic stress set in as I heard the words, “Have you been drinking?” A replay of the crash site swept across my mind, tears came as I held back the laughter. “Are you kidding me,” I asked.

 “No, Ma’am, you’re driving like a drunk driver. Can you see okay?” 

 Puzzled, I replied, “No, my right eye was injured in the crash, when the drunk driver hit us head on. Now I’m blind on the top half of my eye and it’s hard for me to see at night. In fact, I rarely drive at night for that reason. But I did not think my driving was bad.”

 “Ms. Boggs, I can see you’re sober. Sorry, I bothered you; next time try to find a ride.”

 Laughing on the way home…the irony of it all. I wonder why drunk driving energy follows me…could it be that I spoke on a drunk driving panel for offenders the night before? Could it be…God is shining light on my purpose? Could it be Preston’s energy having fun with me? Preston passed as a result of the crash. He’s a jokester. One thing for sure, it gave me a good belly laugh.

 The funniest part is, I thought I was a great driver…typical drunk driving behavior.

 Much Love Laurie and Preston from Heaven

P.S.  Please don’t drink and drive!

©copyright 2009

First Edition 3/2009
Revised Edition 11/2014     

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The Mind Virus

Where do I create my own virus? Is it being a victim? Or rolling in negative energy, to avoid life on some level? I found that the first step was in being present with myself, even if other’s opinions, reactions, or judgments, are triggered by my message. To be cohesive within my energy field I have learned to activate multiple energetic hats while maintaining stability. This consists of speaking direct with transparency and integrity, while being grounded in my body, simultaneously; I open my heart, send love and compassion to that person, and see their true nature of pure grace.

While writing the book I found everyone has an opinion. Some were great while others reflected their own pain. In the past, I have taken some opinions personally. It has been a challenge, since this book is about our only child, Preston; he was killed by a drunk driver.  I have had to learn not to identify with what people think and or take it personally.

I have learned our minds are like a computer with programming from parents, schools, societies, teachers, churches etc…I wonder how many viruses each programmer infected our minds with their own virus. This thought created an understanding not to take what others say so seriously, but always be in gratitude for their two cents worth.

Sri Sri Ravi Shakar says, “The mind is like a camera, taking picture after picture.” The pictures, however, do not align in perfect order. They are eroded by interpretation of emotional reaction from past programs. Therefore, the pictures enmesh with one another, like a photo with double or maybe triple exposure. That is where people’s opinions come from, a bundle of entangled evaluations creating a distorted picture. Could this be where the term rose colored glasses came from?  

Living with multiple chemical sensitivities has made me look deeper into my own twisted programming. While using Emotional Freedom Technique, (EFT is a form of psychological acupressure, based on the same energy meridians used in traditional acupuncture, however without needles) it uncovered a huge mystery; the unconscious mind has manifested this illness as a way to protect myself. If I am allergic to everything, then I cannot go anywhere or do anything, keeping me “SAFE”. 

Watching Ekhart Toole and Oprah discussing chapter 2 of his book, The New Earth, he mentioned how important it was to be present with our children. My husband paused the program and said, “Laurie you were always present with Preston.” I knew intuitively it was a key to break the pattern of my dysfunctional heritage. Presence helps a child feel supported and sustained within their own body, which is also true for adults, especially with inner child healing work.

I asked myself, ‘When was my mom present for me as a child?” Aha, only when I was sick. I interpreted the message to be, “I only love you Laurie when you’re sick.” My mother’s alcoholism, working, and raising four children with little child support barely left room for providing any attention to her family. Of course, she meant no harm.   

My experiences are opportunities to use the passage as a catalyst to open the gates to freedom. Be aware of the past without being in it, you know you’re in it when it triggers a reaction. Take the trigger as a gift and alchemize it by being present and feeling the pain as it arises; do so without projecting it onto other people. It takes a disciplined mind, awareness, and practice to break the habit. However, every time you do…you build an energetic muscle that protects the body from foreign energy, thus, creating the safe place we all long for.  

Much Love Laurie and Preston from Heavens

©copyright 2008

3/31/2008 First Edition
11/11/2013 Revised


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Walking in the World of Duality

A friend from my spiritual community, called me and said, “You and your husband have to meet Connor. He has Preston’s energy; he’s so much like him, it’s scary.”   

Connor’s mother passed away at a very young age. Connor’s an adorable eight year old, radiating love. He excitedly told us he was saving up for a go-cart. As he spoke, Preston’s mannerisms appeared; grateful tears welled up in my eyes.

My husband, Biff, and Connor hit it off like old friends.  Connor asked us about our crash and how Preston died. His eyes lit up, excited to hear about heaven. I shared my near death experience with him.

He asked, “Is heaven like a dream?”

“It’s nothing like a dream.” I told him, “It was so spectacular that I didn’t want to come back.” 

He replied, “Well, if you had not come back here, I would never have met you and now I know my mom is okay.” He touched us deeply that day and a bond was formed.

For the past two years we mentored Connor. This month we went to the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. We arrived early, but the theater was packed. Biff spotted three seats, but they were not together. Therefore, he kindly asked some people if they would mind moving over so we could sit together. A young woman got up from her seat, boiling mad that we had asked her to move…she finally moved, but with hate and resentment in her demure.

We were intimately close with her energy in order to get to our seats. Standing face to face, I observed my energy co-mingling with her energy. There was a part of me that wanted to explain our stories…to lay some guilt on her.  Instead I stayed in my power by not over-reacting to the circumstance. What an opportunity to send her love, while looking directly into her pain. 

I softly said, “I really want you to know how much we appreciate you moving a seat over so we can sit together.  I cannot tell you enough what this means to me.” 

Her partner looked down with shame; she continued to glare at me and not say a word.  I felt grounded in God’s love as I spoke from my heart. It felt like two magnets opposing each other’s energy. 

Later in the evening, in prayer, I felt her anger. I realized she gave me a gift, a reminder of how it feels to be filled with anger. I thought to myself, how foolish she may have felt if she knew my son had passed, and Connor’s mom also passed. Our monthly get together with Connor was healing for all of us and we really did not want to sit in different sections of the theater and be separated.

I closed my prayer by thanking the young lady, she showed me my power and how I managed my energy wisely. I was thankful to her for moving a seat over, because we did enjoy the movie, especially seeing Connor light up when he saw Jack Sparrow.  Something not to be taken for granted, because you never know when something so precious maybe gone.  

Love Laurie and Preston from Heaven
©copyright 2008

First Edition 2008 Revised Edition 2013

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Message from Heaven

For three years before Preston passed, I had premonitions that he was going to die.  I tried to shut them out of mind, but it made it worse.  The resistance showed up in my body because of the repressions of the energy built up inside of me, making me very sick. I did not understand at the time what was happening, however, as I look back and observe, now with greater understanding, it is exactly what made my body physically ill.

Because of practicing Vipassana Meditation, I have been gifted to see the illusion outside of myself.  It feels like I am observing instead of being held hostage by the energy. I recently had an experience that I would like to share with you. It allowed me to detach from the energy, resulting in a healthier way to manage it, rather than spinning in it, like I used to.

Sometime after losing Preston, I sought out Psychologist, Dr. John Sisson for his counsel; he was amazing and we had a lot in common. I loved the fact that he also studied A Course In Miracles.  I was so inspired that I wanted to share his wisdom, so I quoted him in my book.  After reading the revised version from the editor, she suggested I get his permission.  He had moved from Wyoming and I did not know to where.  I asked my intuition where he moved; a silent voice told me Montana.

That evening, I felt like someone had hit me in the chest with a hard ball, or I was having a heart attack.  I observed and did not attach to the pain.  I watched to see if the pain would change, but it did not. The next day, I researched and found Dr. Sisson office on the web; he had moved to Montana. I left a message asking for them to return my call, as it was about my book.  I went for a walk, still feeling high anxiety; my heart was beating fast, and I still had the pain. It was the same feeling I felt before Preston died.  I told my husband, Biff, that I felt someone was dying of a heart attack. The feeling of a death was showing up in my body; I trembled inside.

Biff talked me through it, “Stay detached Laurie.”   He saw my energy change from a peaceful person to a high intensity body. Feeling crazy, I breathed deeply and asked for guidance.  My body stopped shaking and I felt calm.

The next morning, I received a telephone call from Dr. Sisson’s office. To my surprise, it was his wife. Tears of raw grief came from her cracking voice.

She said, “Dr. Sisson died of a heart attack in October.” Oh, I thought, it was Dr. Sisson I had been feeling for the last few days.

Dr. Sisson communicated with me, and I relayed his message to his wife. I told her he had been writing a book; it was half finished. He could not finish the book until he had passed. The book will write itself, however, his wife will be the author of the other half of the book. She softened and cried with relief that her husband was alive. Later, in the evening, I was still feeling the heart pain; I asked Dr. Sisson if he would please leave me now that his message was delivered. He responded quickly and the pain disappeared.

What a gift to be open, detached, love without boundaries, eternal and free to be a messenger of the light!  I love my job!

Love Laurie and Preston from Heaven

©copyright 2008

First Edition 11/2008
Second Edition 11/2013

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