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Chemical Imbalance Vs Breathing Imbalance

Is there a possibility we have a breath imbalance? Is this what Western Medicine labels as a chemical imbalance? Doctors have begged me and even been insistent that I take anti-depressants to help me cope with my grief over losing my son, Preston; I refused.

Thank God for after death communication. One time Preston told me to get off of Viox, an anti-inflammatory drug prescribed to me for my legs.

He said, “Mom, it will give you a heart-attack and the drug can kill you because your liver cannot take it anymore.”

Two years later, the drug company was sued for consumers having had heart attacks. I tried anti-depressants years ago before the crash, but there was no change in my depression or fibromylgia symptoms.

I learned from my Osteopathic doctor, that neurotransmitters are natural chemicals found in the nervous system. According to NeuroResearch, neurotransmitters facilitate and regulate the transfer of electrical energy between nerve cells. They have demonstrated that prescription drugs, mainly anti-depressants, can deplete neurotransmitters, which can make problems worse.

Living with multiple chemical sensitivities has been an ordeal. While participating in The Art of Living advanced Part 2 Course, I sat by a lady that had washed her clothes in Downy. This smell would not bother most people, but because of my reaction to chemical sensitivities I felt trapped. My lungs tightened; it felt like ten bricks had been laid on my chest; I couldn’t breathe. It prevented me from being able to practice the meditation technique being taught.

In miserable silence, I became frustrated and my anger rose. How come I can’t go anywhere without being attacked by scents? At that point our teacher, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, asked if anyone was having problems with meditation. He introduced a technique called, Nadi Shodhan,and explained that we have 186,000 Nadis or energy points in the body, which carry life force or Qi energy.

Nadi Shodhan consists of alternate nostril breathing. Each nostril is more active at different times throughout the day. A normal pattern is ninety minutes per nostril. If the pattern is interrupted with physical or mental issues, the rhythm becomes imbalanced. The left nostril represents mental energy and mind. The right nostril represents physical energy and the body. Too much right nostril breathing, therefore, may cause a person to want to eat all day.

I noticed changes in my lungs right away. The feeling of the bricks on my chest started to dissolve. My panic attack softened as I breathed from one nostril to the other. The smell that previously assaulted me had now become a bearable scent. At that point I had an epiphany. Do I have a breathing imbalance or a chemical imbalance?

Alternate breathing has many benefits: It supplies us with oxygen and removes carbon dioxide from our bodies; breathing becomes more efficient; it helps with stress management, anxiety, and depression; the blood is purified of toxins.

God’s Gift! Our breath is freedom!

Love Laurie and Preston from Heaven

© Copyright 2007

First Edition 7/2007
Revised 11/2013

Posted by LaurieBoggs at December 10, 2013 4:48 am | Comments Off on Chemical Imbalance Vs Breathing Imbalance
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