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A Key to Face Fear

One night I had a dream about duality. My dream portrayed a brisk morning, with a blanket of fresh sparkling snow. The sun illuminated the fresh blue sky as I drove to a friend’s house. The breathtaking beauty that God created was unexpectedly interrupted with black sludge gushing down the gutters of the street. Staying present and observing the unpredictable power of this unwavering creature produced awareness within me. Unfortunately, I found myself stuck at a dead end. Shocked, I breathed deeply and grounded intensely in pure consciousness; I embraced the mystery of this dark entity. It crept around me, trying to feed off me as if I was its only means for survival. 

With crystal clear and extremely intent observation, a change began to happen. The murky discharge altered its form. The sludge separated and grew into something similar to cockroaches with wings. Flying around as if insanity had captured them in a cage, hundreds of these bugs filled the air. Sensing intimate danger, an eerie unsettledness washed over me. Staying focused and stable with clear intention, I noticed their power had diminished, because they no longer appeared to be one connected organism.   

 I remained calm and present as I parked my car, still noticing their glare with crimson pulsating eyes. They stared at me and I kindly held a space of compassion for them, as I allowed God’s light to shine through me.  Breathing deeply, I made it to my friend’s house. Rosemary gave me herbs to dissolve any remnants of the sludge that I may have digested. She explained to me that my courageous presence prevented the creatures from invading me because my light was too bright. Rosemary and her daughter were getting dressed as if they were from the movie Ghostbusters. They were working on dissolving the misguided forms. They explained that people become sick because they give their power away to this force by reacting in fear.   

 I awoke in a peaceful serene state…laughing because Rosemary had just invited me to her dream workshop a few weeks ago. I haven’t attended her workshop yet, so if there are any dream analyzers out there I would love your feedback. Thank you for allowing me to share my subconscious mind.

 Much Love Laurie and Preston from Heaven

©copyright 2008
First Edition 2008
Revised Edition 2013

Posted by LaurieBoggs at December 11, 2013 4:05 am | Comments Off on A Key to Face Fear
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