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Guilt a No WIN!

Guilt a No WIN!

In line waiting to be checked out at the grocery store, I remembered another item I had almost forgotten. I quickly walked to the needed aisle and was glancing at the products to find my brand.  From behind me, a lady is talking with her friend, stating that this particular product has caffeine in it and it is for her twelve-year old daughter. She is having menstrual cramps. 

 I couldn’t keep quiet and suggested she try Cramp Bark from a natural food store.  I became very grounded and opened up my heart, as this woman explained the tragedy they had been living through.  First, her husband had a stroke and he was only 47. Then the government lost his social security records, even though he had paid taxes for the last 30 years. That meant they were unable to get any assistance. I listened intently with empathy and suggested her church. With a furrowed brow, she looked down to the floor as she humbly explained that she was fired from her church. I replied, “How? I had never heard of anyone being fired from their church.”  With fury she said, “I was late one day. I taught the preschool children for the church. My daughter needed a ride to school. I was not going to allow her to walk because we have several pedophiles living in our neighborhood.”  I again embraced her spirit while she continued.  I had twenty dollars in my pocket to buy my groceries; part of me wanted to hand it over…but then my mind got in the way.  I hugged her and told her I would keep her and her family close to my heart and in my prayers.

Driving home, the guilt beat-up stick came out and attacked me. Reinforcing how selfish I was not to give this stranger the twenty dollars.  While processing, I because confused – if I would have given this women the twenty dollars, would I be showing her the rewards she can collect from her sad story? Or is this none of my business…and should I have  given it to her because my heart said to? Why did I make money more important than my worth?

After speculating, I realized…there was no right or wrong way to handle this universal workshop.  No one heals, especially when they hold onto the guilt card. I may have given  the lady empathy, compassion, and understanding, but she showed me the game my mind plays when it comes to guilt. I am in deep gratitude to see how guilt runs me.  

Please pray for this family, as we all know that is the true abundance.  

Love Laurie and Preston from Heaven
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First Edition 9-2007Revised 11-2013

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