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Void of Nonexistence - NDE

Void of Nonexistence – NDE

As the bliss of expanding nothingness embraced me, I rejoiced. Finally in profound peace; I am Home. Abruptly, the unpleasant surprise of a sting across my face…then yelling, ‘don’t die!’ The nurse slapped me numerous times to awaken me from the silent stillness I have yearned for my entire life.  

Furious, I looked into her eyes. Thoughts of wonder crossed my weary mind. Why did you stop me from going Home? I was within the vast sea of universal peace, the welcomed vortex of emptiness with no attachments, only freedom. 

Upon awaking from my coma, I tried explaining to my husband, Biff, this place has no words to describe it. Unlike the other near death experience I had, there was vivid color filled with animation, while this one was an inner voyage of space with no ending.

It has been an adventure trying to find this serene abyss again. Eight years later I finally found it with Vipassana Meditation. “It is our true nature to be in an expansive field in the void of nonexistence. It brings an inner harmony to our essence, which supports our body, mind, and soul while on this earthly plane. We just have to know how to tap into it.      

If you have an opportunity to go to a retreat ( you will learn the techniques that will bring you calmness throughout the storms, lift you to the stars, and allow your true nature to manifest…

We Love you!

Laurie and Preston from Heaven

©copyright 2008
First Edition 4-2008
Revised Edition 11-2013

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