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The Mind Virus

The Mind Virus

Where do I create my own virus? Is it being a victim? Or rolling in negative energy, to avoid life on some level? I found that the first step was in being present with myself, even if other’s opinions, reactions, or judgments, are triggered by my message. To be cohesive within my energy field I have learned to activate multiple energetic hats while maintaining stability. This consists of speaking direct with transparency and integrity, while being grounded in my body, simultaneously; I open my heart, send love and compassion to that person, and see their true nature of pure grace.

While writing the book I found everyone has an opinion. Some were great while others reflected their own pain. In the past, I have taken some opinions personally. It has been a challenge, since this book is about our only child, Preston; he was killed by a drunk driver.  I have had to learn not to identify with what people think and or take it personally.

I have learned our minds are like a computer with programming from parents, schools, societies, teachers, churches etc…I wonder how many viruses each programmer infected our minds with their own virus. This thought created an understanding not to take what others say so seriously, but always be in gratitude for their two cents worth.

Sri Sri Ravi Shakar says, “The mind is like a camera, taking picture after picture.” The pictures, however, do not align in perfect order. They are eroded by interpretation of emotional reaction from past programs. Therefore, the pictures enmesh with one another, like a photo with double or maybe triple exposure. That is where people’s opinions come from, a bundle of entangled evaluations creating a distorted picture. Could this be where the term rose colored glasses came from?  

Living with multiple chemical sensitivities has made me look deeper into my own twisted programming. While using Emotional Freedom Technique, (EFT is a form of psychological acupressure, based on the same energy meridians used in traditional acupuncture, however without needles) it uncovered a huge mystery; the unconscious mind has manifested this illness as a way to protect myself. If I am allergic to everything, then I cannot go anywhere or do anything, keeping me “SAFE”. 

Watching Ekhart Toole and Oprah discussing chapter 2 of his book, The New Earth, he mentioned how important it was to be present with our children. My husband paused the program and said, “Laurie you were always present with Preston.” I knew intuitively it was a key to break the pattern of my dysfunctional heritage. Presence helps a child feel supported and sustained within their own body, which is also true for adults, especially with inner child healing work.

I asked myself, ‘When was my mom present for me as a child?” Aha, only when I was sick. I interpreted the message to be, “I only love you Laurie when you’re sick.” My mother’s alcoholism, working, and raising four children with little child support barely left room for providing any attention to her family. Of course, she meant no harm.   

My experiences are opportunities to use the passage as a catalyst to open the gates to freedom. Be aware of the past without being in it, you know you’re in it when it triggers a reaction. Take the trigger as a gift and alchemize it by being present and feeling the pain as it arises; do so without projecting it onto other people. It takes a disciplined mind, awareness, and practice to break the habit. However, every time you do…you build an energetic muscle that protects the body from foreign energy, thus, creating the safe place we all long for.  

Much Love Laurie and Preston from Heavens

©copyright 2008

3/31/2008 First Edition
11/11/2013 Revised


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