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Déjà vu

Déjà vu

A ringing phone woke me from a sound sleep; my Caller ID read, “Lisa,” a dear friend.  Ah, what a lovely way to wake up. “Hello Lisa, how are you sweetheart?”

After an eerily quiet pause, she cried hysterically, “My brother Johnny and nephew Jonah were killed last night. Another driver crossed into their lane and hit them head-on! They were killed instantly, along with the other driver.”                                                     

Am I dreaming? I already lived this nightmare once and now again, déjà vu… replaying the memories.

Seconds later the internal voice from my womb wailed out in sheer distress, understanding the deep meaning of this loss. I howled with an agonizing “NO! Not another child, and Johnny, not his beautiful soul.” The wailing would not stop. My solar plexus heaved up painful cries of misery. Ironically, I buried my son Preston exactly eight years ago to this date because a drunk driver killed him.

Later we found out the driver was under the influence. There were so many similarities to our crashes. They both happened in the late afternoon. Both drivers died, along with innocent young children.

Johnny was a 33-year-old drummer and flute player. Children were drawn to him. He had the essence of Jesus. His son, Jonah, was a three-year-old charm, a free spirit like his dad.  Jonah, a crystal child, with big brown eyes and striking blonde hair, always radiated love.

Even though years have passed, some days it still feels like yesterday.  At other times, it feels like a lifetime since we were with our loved ones. The emptiness turns into space which allows more of their light to shine through us…at least that is how I made it all these years. 

I hope sharing this blog again, helps remind people not to drink and drive…it is not worth it!

Thank you for allowing me to release and share the pain as I walk this path. Your prayers are very much appreciated.    

We love you.

Love Laurie, Preston, Jonah and Johnny from Heaven
©copyright 2007 

First Edition 9-2007
Revised Edition 11-2013

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