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Walking in the World of Duality

Walking in the World of Duality

A friend from my spiritual community, called me and said, “You and your husband have to meet Connor. He has Preston’s energy; he’s so much like him, it’s scary.”   

Connor’s mother passed away at a very young age. Connor’s an adorable eight year old, radiating love. He excitedly told us he was saving up for a go-cart. As he spoke, Preston’s mannerisms appeared; grateful tears welled up in my eyes.

My husband, Biff, and Connor hit it off like old friends.  Connor asked us about our crash and how Preston died. His eyes lit up, excited to hear about heaven. I shared my near death experience with him.

He asked, “Is heaven like a dream?”

“It’s nothing like a dream.” I told him, “It was so spectacular that I didn’t want to come back.” 

He replied, “Well, if you had not come back here, I would never have met you and now I know my mom is okay.” He touched us deeply that day and a bond was formed.

For the past two years we mentored Connor. This month we went to the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. We arrived early, but the theater was packed. Biff spotted three seats, but they were not together. Therefore, he kindly asked some people if they would mind moving over so we could sit together. A young woman got up from her seat, boiling mad that we had asked her to move…she finally moved, but with hate and resentment in her demure.

We were intimately close with her energy in order to get to our seats. Standing face to face, I observed my energy co-mingling with her energy. There was a part of me that wanted to explain our stories…to lay some guilt on her.  Instead I stayed in my power by not over-reacting to the circumstance. What an opportunity to send her love, while looking directly into her pain. 

I softly said, “I really want you to know how much we appreciate you moving a seat over so we can sit together.  I cannot tell you enough what this means to me.” 

Her partner looked down with shame; she continued to glare at me and not say a word.  I felt grounded in God’s love as I spoke from my heart. It felt like two magnets opposing each other’s energy. 

Later in the evening, in prayer, I felt her anger. I realized she gave me a gift, a reminder of how it feels to be filled with anger. I thought to myself, how foolish she may have felt if she knew my son had passed, and Connor’s mom also passed. Our monthly get together with Connor was healing for all of us and we really did not want to sit in different sections of the theater and be separated.

I closed my prayer by thanking the young lady, she showed me my power and how I managed my energy wisely. I was thankful to her for moving a seat over, because we did enjoy the movie, especially seeing Connor light up when he saw Jack Sparrow.  Something not to be taken for granted, because you never know when something so precious maybe gone.  

Love Laurie and Preston from Heaven
©copyright 2008

First Edition 2008 Revised Edition 2013

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